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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  September 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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bracing and hoping the barriers and pumps will keep the water out of the second biggest river rise in the city's history. this is a live look at the river on the eve of the crest. right now, the river has topped 21 feet, and it's supposed to crest at 23 feet sometime late afternoon hours. and the big question tonight is simple. will the temporary flood walls lining the river hold back all the water? again tonight we have extensive coverage of the flooding situation, beginning with t-v nine's jordee kalk who is live near the river in czech village. jordee, the water's going up, but painstakingly slow as the city just waits. the level is increasing. from
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has risen from here to here from just being out here tonight. now i want to take a minute to explain to you the flood protection in use right now for the city of cedar rapids. the city is primarily relying on hesco barriers you see here. there's 10 miles of these barriers lining the city. city leaders say they're confident these will hold 26 feet. however water could barriers any moment. earlier today i spoke with mayor ron corbett. he tells me the city is working for a more permanent flood protection system. but that protection could cost about 500- million dollars. the city has asked voters twice to approve funding for flood protection. voters said no both times. recently, mayor corbett says federal lawmakers have approved funding... but have not
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state and they've provided funding mechanism unfortunately the federal government hasn't released any funds to do the construction or their piece of it so we continue to lobby our congress people and also the president and the office of budget and management office so maybe this event will d.c. to get those resources to construct permanent long term flood protection " again, hesco barriers are the main layer of protection for the city right now. the secondary layers include about 250-
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protection are expected to hold up to 26 feet of water. but the city recognizes breaches aren't out of the question and urges people to stay away from these areas. live in cedar rapids, jordee kalk, kcrg-tv9. us now. joe, you've been keeping a close eye on the rising cedar river? after some very warm and wet september weather, we finally have an extended break. northwest flow aloft brings down cool and dry air. highs stay in the 60s with lows in the 40s for the remainder of the week. an upper level storm, near the great lakes, spins moisture
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region later tomorrow and wednesday bringing us a cloudy mid-week forecast. some sprinkles are possible with this storm in the area. have a great night! tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 5-10 low: 44 tomorrow: partly cloudy and still a bit windy. wind: w 15-25 high: 66 back to you. again tonight, cedar rapids has a curfew in effect for
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o'clock tomorrow morning and multiple law enforcement agencies are patrolling the area, which many people have already voluntary left. 400 iowa national guard soldiers are part of the flood response. they're helping law officers patrol 73 evacuation check points in cedar rapids and palo. kcrg tv9's phil reed is live near a checkpoint on the perimeter of the cedar rapids flood zone. phil, you spoke to the guard tonight. its role is different this time than it was in 2008? this time around, the national guard came before the flood hit. and they are helping the police enforce curfew, and patrol the evacuation zones two unarmed guards are stationed at every checkpoint. soldiers will work around the clock, and will rotate out every 12 hours. the city says the guard is needed because of their large evacuation zones. guard members who were here in
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"2016 is a totally different year though. the water is not nearly as high. the city of cedar rapids has done an amazing job preparing for it. they are so far ahead of this particular flood than 2008 when they were trying to play catch up." i spoke to police about an hour ago. they say they have not gotten any reports of looting in the evacuated areas, but that's why they're out here- to keep things secure. "i will tell you though, police have challenged a number of individuals at night, asking them what they ned identification. they need to show the reason why they are there, proof of residency." police are urging people who believe their home has been broken into to tell them right away. live in cedar rapids, phil reed, kcrg-tv9. we want to give you a bird's eye view now of the situations in the new bo district and some other areas along the cedar river in cedar rapids. what you're about to see is
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cam ariel productions. 3:05 - 3:30 let's start in new bo. it is dry. there's kickstand bar at the bottom right hand, pivoting to the left you can see the new bo city market, and there's some water on the cedar river trail. you can see the african american museum. slovak museum has an earthen levy around it. there's some water from storm
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there's the skate park, there... obviously water there. that's riverside park taking on water. farther along, ingredion - penford right along the river looks dry. 5:55 - 7:00 there's the mott
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knudson building is surrounded by water. the amphitheatre has water up to the first level of terraced lawn seating. and mays island with water covering the end. the hesco barriers covering 9.8 miles of the city- seem to be holding their own. the cedar river in cedar falls is receding tonight - but parts of the city are still experiencing flooding. the river there crested over the weekend. kcrg-tv9's lauren winfrey is live in cedar falls. lauren, some people are now focusing on the clean up?
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continue today in the northern part of cedar falls. in fact we've spent the majority of the day speaking to residents now dealing with the aftermath of the floods impact. one resident is in the midst of buying a new home in the area, but he'll have to do a lot of clean up before he can move in. take vo: erik borseth and his wife have big plans to own a home in cedar falls, but because of the recent flood, they might just sot: "i knew it was coming so it's like, eh. what's the likelihood of it happening again?" take vo: a question that could use some careful consideration being that less than a decade ago this area was swamped by record breaking floodwaters. sot: "i knew how bad this could get because the
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waterloo, we did cedar falls in 2008." take: borseth says despite the damage to his new home he's focused on moving forward, sot: or nat: take: and he isn't alone in his efforts. according to the black hawk county emergency management agency coordinator other residents around the county are in the midst of cleaning up too. sot: "right now we're getting streets back open in waterloo, we're removing some of that we can remove the flood gates on." take vo: lorie glover says although hundreds of homes were impacted, this isn't the worst they've seen and she praises the community for coming together to prepare. sot: "i'm so proud of the city's in black hawk they really stepped up to the plate, they started doing their flood flight operations well in advance of the high water getting here." take vo: according to glover, she doesn't expect additional flooding throughout the area, but it is a bit of a waiting game as officials monitor the river's water level throughout
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the residents we spoke with do say they will continue to remain cautious as officials monitor the river and the county does exprct to have a better idea of the total number of homes impacted by the flood... they say that data should be collected by thursday. live in cedar falls, lauren winfrey, kcrg-tv9. up river from cedar rapids, people in vinton and palo are also experiencing major flooding. we'll have updates on the flood waters in those communities, up next. stay with us tv-9. while cedar rapids is waiting
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parts of the community of palo remain under mandatory evacuation orders tonight. the cty the flood area will not be allowed to return until it lifts its evacuation order. some people have left, while others are deciding to stick it out. kellie franklin says she originally evacuated her home. but then came back after she heard alliant energy shut off the power. so today, she set up her generator and made sure her sump pumps were working. franklin says she is worried the water in her backyard will make it past the barriers and into her basement. " its stressful i am hoping it doesnt get it any further. i am stressed beyond belief. i don't
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damage it can cause. its not good. " franklin says despite having another place to stay ... she doesn't want to leave her home. upstream, the cedar river crested this morning in vinton, but not before it flooded a large area on the north side of the city. the crest came around eight o'clock this morning at nearly 22 point eight feet. and many homes and businesses took on had been built up after the 2008 flood. one longtime resident of vinton told us he felt the city and forecasters did a good job of warning them well before the flood waters hit. " "the city has done a very good job in preparing people, and getting the word out so people had time to do stuff, and getting the right heights." " emergency management is warning people in vinton that it'll take some time
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completely returns to its banks. we're also following flooding on the wapsipinicon river tonight. but the city of anamosa says it's ready to fight the
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extended break. northwest flow aloft brings down cool and dry air. highs stay in the 60s with lows in the 40s for the remainder of the week. an upper level storm, near the great lakes, spins moisture through the region later tomorrow and wednesday bringing us a cloudy mid-week forecast. some sprinkles are possible with this storm in the area. have a great night! tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 5-10 low: 44 tomorrow:
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15-25 high: 66 tom. night: mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles. wind: nw 5-10 low: 45 wednesday: mostly cloudy, cool. high: 64 low: 45 thursday: partly cloudy. high: 68 low: 47 friday: partly cloudy. high: cloudy. high: 70 low: 52 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 72 low: 53 monday: partly cloudy. high: 76 low: 56 tuesday: isolated storms. high: 77 low: 57 thanks joe. the cedar rapids police chief
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flooding has affected. it has heard claims that some people are asking residents to mark their
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doors evacuated. other scams involve people promising free hotel reservations or other help, in exchange of credit card information. and the better business bureau has heard scammers are taking people's money claiming they're donations for police. " 10:42:00 what we're asking people is to use your head.. it's disturbing, off-kilter, we're vulnerable. a lot of scams happened during the last flood because people were not aware and i've think we've done a good job with the police department, and other agencies of warning people about these scams." you think you may have been a victim of a scam, call the better business bureau at 1-800-222-1600. we'll be right back with continuing flood coverage. stay with us.
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closer to anamosa. but that city that's historically dealt with major flooding should sit relatively high and dry. after the 2008 flood, the city invested more than 250- thousand dollars into flood protection. kcrg-tv9's katie wiedemann tells us, so far, the city says it's paying off. as the wapsipinican river rages through anamosa. people want to get a peek. "to see thi when the 2008 flood hit this community, ella vaughn was just a baby. her sister, ingrid, wasn't even born. but these two have heard stories. " two of those were flooded all the way. and subway got flooded. and the gas station. " it seems everyone remembers... "so much of the southern portion of anamosa was devastated, it looked how a miniature cedar rapids has. " since then, the city built three
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wapsipinican state park. "it allows the deversian of the water, instead of trying to fight it back. " city leaders say these levies were a big investment and came with some growing pains. "we'll see how it does this time around. " and they city say, so far, so good. "we're not breathing easy until about wednesday night, thursday morning, but it sure takes a load off. " in anamosa, katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. people in stone city have started flood preparations. sandbags are now in place around homes that are at- risk for flooding from the wapsipinicon river. people are beginning to move things out of their basements, such as washers and dryers. the city is preparing for three to four feet of water by wednesday. and just up the wapsi, central city is already
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some people had to leave their homes. and some houses along the river bank have water in their basements. the city has been bringing in sandbags to help out people in flood zones. "last night it was right at the tree right there and then from about 11 o'clock until about 4:30 it hit the bottom of the hill behind my house." the wapsipinicon is set to crest tomorrow morning in central city. we'll be right back, so stay
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covering some streets along the cedar river in cedar rapids. this is ellis road at 18th street, right near ellis park, and as you can see it's
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robbins park, and the water is really high at the boat houses on harbor drive. one last look at the forecast, joe... after some very warm and wet september weather, we finally have an extended break. northwest flow aloft brings down cool and dry air. highs stay in the 60s with lows in the 40s for the level storm, near the great lakes, spins moisture through the region later tomorrow and wednesday bringing us a cloudy mid-week forecast. some sprinkles are possible with this storm in the area. have a great night! tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 5-10 low: 44 tomorrow: partly cloudy and still a bit windy. wind: w 15-25 high: 66 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10. we hope you'll stay with t-v nine for more flood updates, including full coverage on the t-v nine morning news. until then, have a good
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